Mission and Vision

It is the purpose of Bethlehem Lutheran Congregation to receive, grow and share in God’s grace, love and life such that we might increase in spiritual maturity and souls in order that His mission for His church might be carried out through us according to His will. This includes:

  • Uniting in worship of the Triune God by receiving from God what He promises and offers through His Word and Sacraments; and by responding through praise, prayer, and confession of faith.
  • Practicing fellowship with one another and helping each other grow in the Word.
  • Witnessing to each other, to our community, and to the world, the hope that is within us.
  • Serving the needs of people in Christian love.
  • Administering the Office of the Keys.
  • Maintaining decency and order in the church.
  • Helping people grow in the faith through Christian education.
  • Placing our spiritual gifts into God’s service in our church, our community, our occupations, and our world.

Bethlehem sees its role as connecting people to Jesus. We see ourselves as equipping everyone to be a minister of Jesus' love and grace. This is a place for people who are battered in their lives to find healing, love and forgiveness and be given a new start. We invite you to come and see for yourself if Jesus matters in our world.